// I can feel it happening

by I was happy when I was a kid

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warning: I discuss things about abuse and drugs so if you feel uncomfortable with listening to things like that I understand if you can't listen I love you so much

I am a journal //


released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


I was happy when I was a kid Memphis, Tennessee

Sad idk

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Track Name: You liked her off ecstacy and I was just a hallucination
I thought you liked me
I guess that's just the drugs talking
Track Name: Stupid Stairs
I'm afraid of letting you down again
but I'm more afraid of letting you stay
and i cant afford
any more concealer
and I'd rather hide
than have you come inside
because you mistake my face
for the wall
and I can't go back to the hospital
I fell
I fell
down the stairs
I fell anywhere
Track Name: 24/7
I thought a lot about letting you go
but I wouldn't have anyone
and I realized I need attention 24/7
I need attention or I'll cry
If I don't have all the attention
I think I just might die
Track Name: Me, myself and High
I thought I had a lot of friends
but my friends say I'm not theirs
I have a lot of weed in my car
and no I can't fucking share
and even though I am alone
I still have my weed
Track Name: If you leave I won't feel anything but if I stay I won't feel anything at all
I like your cars
you like giving me scars
and I can't take another day
or I'll end up in grave
I said I hate you
you said I love you
just go away
I said I love you
you said I hate you
please stay
Track Name: It's only gonna get worse
It's only gonna get worse from here
cocaine everyday
I miss your voice
but the drugs keep me at bay
I wish I could have said
I'm really sad
maybe you wouldn't have left me
the drugs make me feel bad
and it's only gonna get worse from here
heroin everyday
the only thing I regret is overdosing
before I got to say stay