I had so much progress

by I was happy when I was a kid

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I'm starting to talk to the walls again


released August 13, 2016



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I was happy when I was a kid Memphis, Tennessee

Sad idk

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Track Name: I don't want to be young again
I heard voices when I was young
I think I'm young again
He would follow me
I think he's following me again
why cant you be afraid
I'm afraid I'm afraid
why cant you be afraid with me
usually I'm so brave
but I see him i see him
and I just wanna cry again
Track Name: Personal Space (Jerk)
Please don't touch me
I have social anxiety
Please don't touch me
You put your hand on my thigh and I wanted to cry
Please don't touch me there
You're being fucking I don't know
I just don't want you to touch me there
Please don't touch me there
I have social anxiety and I don't like physical contact with anyone besides my dog and my hand
I wish I could change
I wish I could change but I can't
You're being fucking rude
Why are you touching me there
I just want you to leave me alone
but you won't stop touching me there
and I can't talk cause I have social anxiety
social anxiety sucks
Track Name: No one likes a self loathing idiot
Why do you like me
You must be crazy
Don't you know I'm not free
I cost everyone misery
I'm so sad I'm so sad
I'm so sad too bad
no one likes depression
cause I'd be friends with everyone
instead I'm alone in my room
and you are confusing me too
do you love me or do you wanna fix me
do you love me or do you wanna fix me
you can fix me you can try
you can fix me I'll still cry
but if you like me, you like me then say hi
Track Name: The devil was my only friend, I haven't seen him in years but he thinks It's time for a reunion
When I was young
I heard voices
and I saw things I did every day
they wouldn't go away
and now I can say
I've seen it all, I've seen it all
but it didn't scare me and that scares me
that really scares me
I'm not even scared today
but my parents my parents look at me like I'm insane
so i went to the hospital and stayed
and I'm so sorry
whoever you are
I know you're following me I know you're following me
please just go I don't wanna cry anymore
Track Name: Blank
I wanna talk to people
I wanna talk about my dog
I wanna talk about it all
but I'm afraid of rejection
I never know what to say
I have no personality
I just hear a group of people and I wanna cry
I have no friends and I know why
Track Name: I'm tired of sucking at everything in my life
I fucking suck at life
I can't even play the keyboard right
I don't know anything
I just suck at everything
I just wanna know
If you like girls who suck at everything
cause I'm the perfect
I'm the fucking perfect girl and i just wanna know do you like me
cause I suck at everything
I suck at singing
I suck at anything and everything i just wanna die
but you can hit me up on my facebook cause
I'm very lonely very lonely very lonely
No one ever talks to me
unless they wanna see me
without any clothes
oh god who fucking knows why i suck
Track Name: I cried at my favorite band's show in the bathroom and I wish I could be normal and not get anxiety and just be happy to be in the moment but I don't know how to do that and I will never change // I will never change.
Why do I shake every day
Even after shows I just shake and cry all day
I just wanna go to shows and cry and laugh
not because I hate myself because the music is good
all i ever do is cry aBbout meaningless stuff
and I cant stop shaking
I'm shaking right now
and I just want to kill myself
Cause I can't change
I'll always be the same
and that's not good
cause I hate me and myself
and I just hate everything
Track Name: Life is strange
Life is fucking weird and I don't know why
We could talk hours about anything and everything
Like how the moon makes me think of you and cartoons
Like how you make ice cream or anything or anything
Life is strange and I think about everything
We could talk hours about how
Bands make you laugh
and how you like comic books
and I like stickers
and you like everything
I like everything
I like everything
and even though life is weird
I'm glad I'm having this weird adventure with you
this weird adventure with you