I want to like myself again

by I was happy when I was a kid

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I'm just a little bug in a big garden


released July 27, 2016



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I was happy when I was a kid Memphis, Tennessee

Sad idk

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Track Name: That's That
I like dogs
I like cats
I like you
and that's that
I wish I could buy a pet store
and name it after you
but that's just not how life works
I won't get a dog
I won't get a cat
I won't get you
and that's just that
Track Name: Can't
I don't like cotton candy anymore
especially strawberry
because that's your favorite treat
and I don't like butter on my popcorn anymore
and you like all the animals in the zoo
well fuck them too
I hate everything you love
and I don't want to
I wish you could stop letting me think about you
and I just want to like
everything you do
but I can't
Track Name: I'll be ok // I think??
I'm not okay
and that's okay
and I am not okay
and that's okay
I just want you to be happy, I do
I'll be just fine sitting in my room
I'll be just fine I'll be just fine
I'm sorry I don't keep in touch
I just don't like seeing you kiss anyone else that much
and I'll be just fine I'll be just fine
without you
I'll be just fine
Track Name: Are you afraid of the dark? ( I sure fucking am!)
I'm afraid of the dark
but my dog knows how to bark
and he barks at you
what does that mean
he barks at you
I'm afraid of you
Track Name: Stranger things
I like dungeons and dragons
I don't know how to play
I just want you to think I'm cool that way
and I don't watch anime
but I'll talk about Dragon Ball Z all day
just to impress you
Track Name: Everyone has a different version of hell
Heaven is real
So is hell
What's the difference? I can't tell
I just wanna be here with you
I don't really care if it's hot in here
I'm warm with you
and I'm so happy
Heaven can wait
Hell is our love gate
and I want you to see
Heaven and hell are our destiny
so die with me
and I will follow
Track Name: Other fish in the sea ( I like u)
I have a crush on you
It's stupid I know
and I know I'm not her
and I don't want to be
I just want you to see
that there's other fish in the sea
why can't that fish be me
Track Name: Sit with you
I wanna sit with you
I wanna let you know
that I'm alone
bring my favorite flower you know the one
bring me all the candy especially the sour ones
we'll talk for hours about music and how i hate the smiths
and we'll sit with each other until one of us starts to kiss
and I just want you to be mine
I just wanna sit with you
Track Name: I wish I could make you see but I know she's the sun and I'm just the UV
Seeing you with her is so hard
It's really hard
but I think I'll be okay
I wish I could tell you I'm not a mistake
but you're in her arms
and it feels great
I wish I could make you feel great again
but I know it's late
and you're at her house again
I wish I could feel your skin