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by I was happy when I was a kid

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This was something I needed to do. When we first met, I never really thought I would like you and you begged me to be with you. I felt like I actually mattered and we dated and then you left which wasn't your fault and I understood. You came back and you made me fall in love all over again with the little things you did, nobody made me feel good. My parents were so negative and I was in such a negative environment and it felt so amazing to have someone to face time and calm me down. You helped my anxiety so much you were the only thing that calmed me down. I stayed through everything you did and were doing and maybe that made me pathetic or vulnerable I don't know but it felt right to be in love with you. You're gone now and I have to learn to accept that. It hasn't been easy, I cry and cry and I ask myself why wasn't I enough? Why was it so easy for you to leave me and find another soul? Was I not important enough? I thought I made you feel the same, it hurts that you are gone but I have to let you go. This is how I wanted to let go and If you listen to any of them, I hope you know you shattered my heart and I never want to talk to you again. I want you to understand what you did to me was wrong, and wherever you end up in life, it won't be with me. Goodbye C.


released January 27, 2017



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I was happy when I was a kid Memphis, Tennessee

Sad idk

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Track Name: I'll never get you back
remember how we met
you told me about your day
when I said hi how are you hello
you said don't forget
I love you
I love you
where are you now?
your gone your gone your gone
I don't know where to go from here
I miss your laugh
when you smiled on the phone
i cried cause i never felt so in love
now that's gone
I just wanna have you back
I wan't you back
I wan't you back
I wan't you back
I wan't you back
I'll never get you back
Track Name: I let you down
I am waking up to a hellish dream
I am waking up without you next to me
and I am afraid that you were never here
and I am afraid that you were never here
I just wanna be here with you
I just wanna be important
you never cared
why didn't you care
I gave you everything
I just wanna know
why you said you loved me
I was so important to you
but now you're gone
you are gone you're gone
Track Name: You cared once though
You got away with everything
you tell me you love me
but you don't
you said you loved you loved me
I gave you bout like so many chances
Track Name: Read to me one last time?
You never wanted to be let down
But I always let you down
I always let you down
you never wanted to be so close
you just wanted the most out of love
but it wasn't enough
so you pushed me away
until there was nothing left
I am nothing left
I am nothing
I miss you
but you're gone
I miss you
I miss the way you read to me
when I would fall asleep
but thats gone you're gone
and I am full of misery
I have my dog
he means everything to me
doesn't really matter
cause I'm still empty
I'm still empty
I miss your face
I miss your voice
I miss the way you said you loved me
what's the use of it all if you're gone
what's the point of everything
I guess I'll find out