my past failures and my future mistakes

by I was happy when I was a kid

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I have no idea what I am saying in any of these songs because I do not exist


released February 8, 2017



all rights reserved


I was happy when I was a kid Memphis, Tennessee

Sad idk

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Track Name: When is it my turn?
tell me why i'm so weak
in classrooms I can't speak
I have so much to say
but it never works out that way
it's probably because my dad said I was a mistake
It's probably because my mom said the same thing
and my sisters they hurt
I'll I do is cry cause i'm never good enough
I don't deserve love
I deserve to cry
I don't know why cause all I do is try to help others
All is I do is try
guess I don't need to try
cause all I do is ruin my life
cause no one even cares
no one cares so just give me the knife
and I'll end my stupid life
and my parents will be so happy
Will I
Will I
Cause I know
I wanna see the world I wanna be happy
When is it my turn
I don't know why I
I don't know why
Track Name: Everything
I am not the one
to tell lies but I know you're here
and you're the right guy I
want to be here but
I'm so alone
and I wanna to die
but I can't go home
I want to be here
but I have no one so
I cry in my room
so I wanna die so
I wanna die
even if I can't
dare to be
so alone
but I know im here
and you're on the phone
but I can't hear your voice
and I just wanna die
but I know that you're right
by my side
Track Name: ghost boy
I saw a ghost
and I
I heard him cry
wait that was me
I'm a ghost
I'm a ghost
who cares about me
Track Name: Why Sylvia?// you hurt me
in the back of my mind
I always knew that you'd leave
I'll just read Sylvia Plath and cry
Why am I so lonely
I wanna die
Is there something wrong with me
I'm so ugly
I hate myself and I wanna die
Sylvia, Sylvia you understand
why am I
why am I
why am I
why am I
so alone
Track Name: I feel like there is uncertainty but I am uncertain
I need a cigarette
I won't smoke
I just wanna touch something
I haven't been touched
I wanna be loved
I wanna forget why
I don't exist
I'm stuck in a world
I don't belong to
I just want something new
I know I'm so selfish
I feel like I am more than this
no one understands
won't you take my hand
take my hand
I wan't a cigarette