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idk how to play piano or sing but enjoy my thoughts and feelings
// I am a journal


released May 10, 2016



all rights reserved


I was happy when I was a kid Memphis, Tennessee

Sad idk

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Track Name: Intro ( I miss you)
I'm stuck on coke and you
I've tasted heroine too
and I am in pain
but most of all I hope that you're okay
and I hope that I can call you
and ask you how you've been
I really miss your voice
but most of all I miss touching your skin
Track Name: Cheap Tattoo
I bought a cheap tattoo
and it looks like you
I thought it would be fun
boy was I the stupid one
I was the stupid one
And I just watched you hit me twice
that wasn't nice
I let you hurt me
because I've been hurt my whole life
I'm used to it
Track Name: All of my feelings wrapped inside a sad little bubble
I like space and dogs
I like it all
but I'm alone
I have no friends
I want to die
I want it to end
I'm so sad
and I don't like my dad
I hate talking out loud
I hate even a small crowd
I hate my life
Track Name: Pay Attention to me (I'm important)
I hate myself
but I hate you more
I hate the way you are
buy me cigarettes
buy me dinner
fuck your demands
I am, I am, I am
tired of you
Track Name: I really hate you
I am sad
I feel used
bury me
I hate you
let me hate you
let me hate you
Track Name: Death // I want that
I don't know why I'm always sad
but I know that it's getting bad
and I just want it all to end
let me die
I will fall in love again
bury me in the ground
I don't care
I just know I'm not anywhere
I'm not anyone
I'm not anything
Let me die
Let me die
Let me die
Let me die
Let me die
I want to be dead
Track Name: I have never been as excited for the future than I am right now
I am alive
and I don't want
don't want
don't want
I don't want to die