This is the end, and I am terrified

by I was happy when I was a kid

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thank you all for having me

unedited. I am stripped and I am raw. My emotions leak out of my eyes and I am a journal. I have mistakes and I own up to them. I did this to show my pure self. Nothing less, Nothing more, enjoy
and thank you for listening to my thoughts. It will always mean the world.

The end.


released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


I was happy when I was a kid Memphis, Tennessee

Sad idk

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Track Name: Best friends can be deceiving
I've never looked at mirrors when I'm at school. Is it some sort of problem that I have that I choose to ignore? Some self conscious thing I don't know I feel ashamed to look at myself. I hate knowing I am in this skin and I wish I could wake up from this nightmare
Track Name: A sad song or something
I feel like crumbled leaves on the sidewalk when you're passing by. I feel like I'm almost something but then I am just there, I am crushed by all the lives I am not living
Track Name: All of my mistakes are covered in a grain of salt
there's moments when I'm with someone that I think this is all I'm ever going to be. Someone who doesn't talk or has nothing ever interesting to say. I sit in a car with someone and listen to them talk and I am so happy they are alive, me not so much.
Track Name: Saturday dream
I wish I could touch someone without shaking. the thought of being so afraid of physical contact makes me so sad. I just want love and I want it more than anything. I want to drown in happiness but instead I'm drowning in my depression and there is no lifeguard for my life.
Track Name: the most raw form of sadness I've ever seen / I want to witness much more than my own reflection, but the mirror has a tight grasp and won't let go
I don't think I was ever getting better, do you know many times I've tried to die? How many different ways. If you want a real good Suicide have an artist kill themselves. It will be nothing less of a master piece
Track Name: The end
the sun, moon, and stars may align but not in this lifetime. Such a shame. Take care .